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Beyond our Borders

Beyond Our Borders, or BOB for short, was the new vision of several camp staff in 2005.  God touched hundreds of lives through this ministry of wilderness trips.  Camp Andrews partnered with urban ministries.  They brought a few counselors and the youth.  Camp would provide leadership and the gear.  If the ministry was able to, they would lead their own trips and camp just provided the gear.  The trips were usually 2 to 14 days.  Trips were also taken in the off season for the purpose of discipleship for Christian youth.

Those with the original vision were led by God to other ventures and ministries.  Since then the Board of Directors and camp administration have been looking for someone to once again lead this ministry.  Until leadership is found, the Wilderness Trip ministry is “hibernating”. 

Contact the camp office if more information is needed about the future of this ministry.

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