Challenge Ropes Courses

At first glance, a challenge ropes course, with all its cables, ropes, tree, logs, and telephone poles looks like an obstacle course. But, unlike an obstacle course, its elements are not used for physical conditioning or competition with others.

At Camp Andrews, we offer both a Low Ropes course as well as a High Ropes course.



  • Increased confidence & self-esteem
  • Increased support in the group
  • Building appreciation and respect for differences in a group
  • Practicing goal setting and problem solving as it compares to life, especially in the life of a Chrisitan



The Ropes Course is considered as optional for your group and is not included in your Package Rates. We charge $75.00 @ hour for each group up to 20 - minimum charge of $75.00.

Low Ropes Course:

The Low Ropes Course brings your group together in a problem-solving environment where everyone is needed to accomplish the goal. Building from the simple to the complex, each element of the Low Ropes Course provides a platform for the next element to build on. This hands-on approach to group development strengthens your team's confidence and trust.

High Ropes Course:

The High Ropes Course includes the Giant Swing, Zip Line, and Climbing Tower. It offers a world of high adventure and unique perspectives. It captivates the team members and challenges them:

  • to rely on group support to reach beyond the individual comfort zone
  • on the importance of team encouragement and trust in God
  • to build on skills emphasized during Low Course
  • overcome fear, doubt, and self-consciousness